Our team is composed of young inspired and inspiring professionals: addiction counselor, osteopath, lawyers, nutritionist, artists, mindfulness teacher, yoga teachers and more. During our teenage years, we have all been through various difficult but common situations associated to youth: alcohol/drug/behavioral addictions, bad eating habits, difficult relationships and family situations, poverty, low self-esteem and more.

Rich in life experience, our team gathered around the question: “What would my life look like if I could’ve known all that I know today?”

staff pics - elvis

Elvis Grahovic
LIFT Co-Director

Elvis holds a Master’s degree in dispute prevention and settlement from L’Université de Sherbrooke and is a certified mindfulness teacher. He believes that learning to listen and develop ones talents is the key to success. He will use mindfulness to teach Camp LIFT youth how to handle stress and conflict.

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Jonathan Sbrollini
LIFT Co-Director

Thanks to his experience working with youth, as an addiction counsellor and youth mentor, Jonathan has gathered a team of cool and innovative professionals, to develop and execute programs aimed at preventing harm during adolescence. As the Co-Director of Camp LIFT, Jonathan is in charge of recruiting youth who are at risk of harm (substance use disorders, delinquency, high-school drop-outs) and surrounding them with all of Camp LIFT’s programs and professionals.

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Benjamin Sbrollini
LIFT Co-founder

Benjamin is an assistant manager at Lululemon and personal development coach. He is an inspirational leader and excellent communicator who knows how to lead people to an active and well-balance lifestyle. At Camp Lift, he will guide and support youth with the tools he’s acquired through years of working on himself.

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Philippe-Olivier Daniel
LIFT Co-founder

An endurance sport enthusiast with a couple of marathons and triathlons under his belt, Philippe-Olivier hopes to encourage youth to make physical activity a priority in their lives. An unconventional entrepreneur, he wishes to transmit his passion for business, and to push youth to look beyond their past towards a bright and fulfilling future.

staff pics - amelie

Amélie B Simard

Amelie studied and practiced dance throughout high school and went on to study musical theater for 3 years. From a very young age she has been involved in the television and music worlds. She will share so many valuable things with our youth. Teaching anything from self-expression through art to following one’s dreams, Amelie’s past so rich in personal and professional experiences knows no limits.

staff pic antoine

Antoine Del Bello
Osteopath and kinesiologist

Through his experience in health et his passion for arts, Antoine wishes to transmit to the youth basic anatomical knowledge, healthy life habits and the joy of creating with the goal of blooming the sense of responsibility of owning your own health. Osteopath and kinesiologist, Antoine believes that preventing is better than healing and that health and happiness is a long road that needs to be travelled early by today’s youth.

Jeanne Mudie
Yoga teacher

Jeanne came to Montreal in 1990 to continue her studies in classical ballet at Ecole Superieur de Danse du Quebec. It was through yoga that she was able to rediscover her love for movement in a much healthier way, a way to heal the heart as well as the body. She has completed a number of yearlong trainings with her main teacher Hart Lazer. Hart has introduced her to Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga which has led her down a path of great discovery and self-reflection. Her passion is leading people to self-discovery by way of yoga, breath, and meditation. “The body knows how to heal itself we’ve only forgotten how to listen; it’s really just about reintroducing someone back to self”.

Claudine Larrivière
Nutritionist and dietitian

Claudine has been a registered dietitian and entrepreneur for almost 10 years. She graduated in December 2007 from McGill University in Human Nutrition. Claudine continues to work with schools, athletes and businesses to help them stand out through nutrition and health. To this day, Claudine’s mission is to inspire and motivate people to become better versions of themselves, and to reach their full potential with personalized strategies respecting the values and reality of each one!

Will Charbonneau
Yoga teacher

As a movement facilitator, I attempt to shed light on issues regarding mobility, breath, and concentration. Through practice we build relationships with ourselves and our environment to ultimately create more freedom in our lives. Will is an integral part of our 8 week in-school program where he applies his passion for health and movement to inspire youth to reach their full potential.