The Organization

LIFT is a registered non-profit organization specialized in guiding and supporting healthy youth development, in order to prevent substance use disorders, delinquency and high-school drop outs.

Our Mission

Is to equip youth with effective tools to face life’s challenges and to help them fully accomplish themselves on the level of their mind, their body and their relationships.

Our Vision

Is to prioritize healthy living for all of society, to build a balanced, responsible, open-hearted future for our society and the world.

Our Objectives

  • Sustain the highest level of quality education through our services, in terms of healthy mind, body and relationships.
  • Make sure all youth involved with LIFT get their high-school diploma.
  • Be pro-active and prevent crisis situations through education, self-awareness and mindfulness.
  • Evaluate the efficiency of our services and continually innovate.
  • Efficiently coordinate services for higher levels of care for youth at risk.

Our Values


We believe that in order to be a leader in one’s community or world, one must first be an optimistic leader in his or her own life. We hope to insight youth to pick up healthy values and principles by being examples in their daily lives.


We believe that to be a person of integrity one must first know oneself. Making understanding and respecting ourselves and others a priority is what guides our actions.


We believe that it is the diversity of aptitudes among members of a group that give the group its strength. Recognizing and developing strengths (physical, mental, and interpersonal) in individuals is possible through open-mindedness, cooperation, optimism, tolerance, and by accepting differences.


We believe that the development of physical, mental, and interpersonal resilience is the foundation of the program. By relying on our rich and diverse life experiences, we remember mindsets that helped us, and transmit those through our programs aimed at helping youth.