Dropping out of high-school, youth delinquency and addictions are major and complexes societal issues. They are interchangeable as causes and consequences and are still very current challenges we face in our modern society. In 2013, 20.8% of young montrealers had dropped out of high-school.


We believe that a teenager who doesn’t complete his high-school education is a failure for our whole society. It has been evaluated that the cost of every cohort of high-school drop-outs adds up to 1.9 billion dollars. We ask why not be pro-active and prevent rather than react and repeat.

For many different reasons (budget cuts, misguided political decisions, outdated systems, new societal needs, decaying infrastructures and more), there are huge gaps in the way we educate youth and the knowledge and skills that they actually need in order to thrive in modern society. The way our society functions is only reacting to situations without ever addressing the real issues, which then perpetrates the same risk factors and consequences or even creates new ones. We have subdivided these interchangeable, correlated risk factors/consequences in three categories:

Physical innactivity
Unhealthy nutrition
Unhealthy habits
Risky sexual behaviors
Stress, anxiety and/or depression
Substance use disorders and behavioral addictions
Behavior issues, learning difficulties
Association to deviant/delinquent peers
Difficult family situations/relationships

And more… our team focuses on the positive development of these three dimensions.

What we know in 2017

World scientific researchers have shown that physical activity improves not only physical health but contributes significantly to cognitive development of youth and a better mental health in general. Furthermore, close to 3500 studies have demonstrated the many benefits of mindfulness and meditation, especially on stress reduction and management, but also healthy mind, body and relationships. Also we know that one of the highest risk-factors involved with addictions is the quality of our social bonds.

Finally, adolescents are in a very particular phase of their bio-psycho-social development: non-conformity, detachment/separation from parental identity, curiosity, risk-taking, critical thinking, etc. Rather than seeing this as a problem to be solved, we rather see an extraordinary opportunity to recognize and honor this important phase of life by cultivating an attitude of acceptance in front of all these changes and offer an unconditional support to youth.

LIFT is a continuous support SYSTEM that follows teenagers throughout their entire high-school experience, until they graduate.


After years of experience working with teenagers, our Co-Director Jonathan Sbrollini and a team of health experts gathered around the belief that good health is the best medicine and can prevent many harmful situation from ever occurring. After witnessing incredible positive growth and healing amongst the youth at Camp LIFT, the LIFT team created an in-school program that encompasses the whole experience of Camp LIFT throughout 8 to 12 weeks. This program has been successfully implemented in 3 high-schools and many more to come.


CAMP LIFT is a summer and winter camp experience based on three levels of development, the mind, the body and relationships. Healthy habits is the core focus throughout the entire camps and the different activities involve yoga, meditation, sports, nutrition/cooking, visual arts and more.

* To refer youth to Camp LIFT, we need to have a mentor available inside their school or have participated in our in-school programs. If you’re wondering how to make that happen, us and we will gladly collaborate to create possibilities.

Want help now?

We specialize in services for youth and families. Our professional experience as counsellors, mediators, lawyers and health experts guarantees competency, efficiency and anonymity. If you are struggling with ANY situation for yourself or a loved one, contact us and briefly explain the situation. We will get back to you ASAP with a PLAN on how we can help.

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