The school programs are 8 week curriculums based on the fundamental principle of Camp LIFT which is:

a healthy mind in a healthy body

Every week a group of students, are invited to participate in a Camp LIFT in-school program for a full period.

A team of two Camp LIFT trained youth mentors facilitate educative, motivational and interactive workshops which aim to help youth develop their mind, their body and their relationships.


LIFT is a health promotion program that aims to cultivate healthy habits. This program offers youth experiential & interactive knowledge essential for youth, based on themes such as:

  • unlocking potential;
  • dealing with stress and procrastination;
  • movement, posture and nutrition;
  • understanding and overcoming cyber-addiction;
  • conflict resolution & empathetic communication;
  • exploring values & creating a future self;
  • Secondary 1-5
  • 60 - 75 minutes per week
  • Classroom presentations
  • Meditation & movement

map of schools

I liked that they talked about real life things that affect us everyday. They also talked to us in a way that motivated us and felt good. 13 yrs old
Rosemount High School
I learned that we should pay more attention to our life than to screens. I’ve been using my devices a lot less! 15 yrs old
John F Kennedy High School
I learned a lot on healthy eating habits and the importance of play, and also how “fast food” affects our mind and body. 14 yrs old
Laurier Mac Donald High School